User Expiry

User Expiry

This User Expiry plugin is the Full version of the Disable-User WP Plugin. This premium version enables you to not only disable users but also set expiry date for any users on your wordpress blog. If the user logs on to your blog after his expiry date, he or she will be automatically logout and get an error message. This can be used to implement a membership system on your blog based on time period. It costs US$4 to use this plugin. Key Features

  • By default, a newly-registered user has no expiry date
  • Expiry date can be assigned to each user by administrator
  • Expiry date of all users can be viewed on admin page
  • The administration page is equipped with pull-down menu and hence easy to work with
  • Compatible with any wordpress themes that utilize standard wordpress log-on page
  • Easy to install and work instantly after plugin activation.
  • Integrate seamlessly with standard wordpress user management system
  • Tested with latest versions of wordpress
  • Responsive helps and supports from the plugin author


  1. upload the plugin .zip file to your blog via admin panel
  2. activate the plugin
  3. go to Edit Expiry sub-menu and set expiry date for any user
  4. That’s all

To purchase the single license, simple donate $4 via paypal. You will receive the plugin delivered to you within 24 hours via email. Click this “Buy Now” button below to donate.

For more information, please send email to


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