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This “Insert Footnote” plugin add any text or HTML code at the bottom of all post contents. If you are tired of text-insertion plugins that is just too bulky and complicated, this simple and light plugin is ideal for you. Javascripts such as adsense codes can also be added.

The nice thing about this plugin is you don’t get extra blank lines above and below your custom footnote, therefore looks nicer on your posts.


  1. Download the latest version of this plugin from this page.
  2. Extract the zip file and upload the uncompressed folder underneath your WordPress plugins folder (wp-content/plugins).
  3. Activate the plugin from wordpress admin screen.
  4. Go to the plugin settings under the Settings menu and add any texts or HTML or Javascripts you desire.
  5. Save the settings and enjoy.


You can get this free plugin fromĀ

7 thoughts on “Insert Footnote

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  2. hello,
    i have installed your plugging insert footnote, it is an awesome plugin and very light. i have one question. i don’t want to show the generic footnote to a few post categories. how can i do that?

  3. Just installed the Insert Footnote plugin. VERY cool. Thanks for developing it! One “small” request. Can the font size be changed (to smaller than the post/page text?) I want to use it to make a copyright statement on each page/post (as we are providing materials for download, etc.) and it would be more attractive if the font size could be made smaller.

    In any case, great job and will review shortly.

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