Auto Numbering Post

Automatically put the post number in front of the title of all published posts based on post date.

Installation Instruction
Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page. No settings needed.


You can get this free plugin from

6 thoughts on “Auto Numbering Post

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  2. Hi i have a question regarding to your nice auto numbering plugin. How can i configure it to just count the posts from a certain category f.ex. “Dogs” and from the year that post was done? so that i get a splittet info like:


    hopefully you understand 😀
    regards, Finn

  3. Hi there – thanks for your Plug-in, im liking it, but it also skips a post ever now and then, and for unknown reason. Oddly, its aware of the total post count, as the numbers seem to correlate: 498, 499, skip, 501, skip, 503, etc

    Any thoughts?

  4. hi its very good plugin. i really like it.

    i want to number the post in each category separately. is it possible ?
    currently its numbering all the post. and each category shows random post numbers.

  5. Found a bug, having the text count in the post messes up the plugin.
    Doesn’t show number then.

    I have a post that has Country in the title.
    Number doens’t show then…

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