Welcome to my WordPress Plugins Development Page

My WordPress Plugins currently includes

Free Plugins

  • Insert-footnote – a light and simple plugin that adds any text below after all posts
  • Auto-numbering-post – a plugin that adds an ordered number in front of post titles
  • Welcome-user-widget – a widget that greets the visitor
  • Auto-add-tags – automatically add tags if those tags found in the post content
  • Excerpt-by-Characters – automatically add the first specified number of characters of post content as post excerpt.
  • Access-control-by-Category – control access to posts based on post category
  • Disable-User – temporarily disable any user without having to delete the user account
  • Auto-Category – automatically assign posts to its mother category (if any) when the post is saved

Premium Plugins

  • Access-control-plus – the full version of access control by category plugin with user expiry capability and multiple restricted category support
  • User Expiry – the full version of Disable-User plugin with user expiry capability

Please send any inquiry and/or suggestions to narin@dekisugi.net