Access Control by Category Support Page

Access Control by Category WP Plugin Support Page


Control access to the content of any posts by simply assigning the “Subscribed” category to those post. Visitors must log on first in order to see the content of those posts. In the meantime, all other posts are open to all visitors as usual.

Normally, visitors of a wordpress blog can view all published posts, whether or not they are being logged on. You can use this plugin to implement an access control whereby assigning the “Subscribed” category to any posts you want to control access The plugin will automatically hides the content of those posts to the non-logged-on users. This can be use as a simple membership system.

Alternatively, you can use [subscribed] shortcode to hide any texts in both pages and posts.

** this plugin is not compatible with Jetpack plugin (by, do not enable the email subscription feature of this plugin because it can bypass the plugin to get the content of all posts and send them to any subscribers. **

Note: You can donate $4 and get the full version of this plugin

Full features include:

  • You can pick any one category to be hidden from non-subscribers
  • The hidden contents can also be specified anywhere using the [You must be an active subscriber to view this area. Please log in.] shortcode
  • The default warning message can be customized
  • the status of new registered users are disabled by default by can be configured as enabled by default
  • Each registered account can be assigned an expiry date and/or enable/disable status; Subscribers must have expiry date later than the present date AND status as enabled to be able to view hidden contents

To obtain the right to use this plugin (with single license), you must donate $4 and the plugin package will be delivered to you via email within 24 hours. To pay the $4 donation click Buy Now below: